Aingeel-Z Jewelry & Accessories

Owner: Aingeel (pronounced Angel) Talley

Aingeel-Z Jewelry & Accessories

Handmade jewelry and leather accessories

Aingeel-Z Jewelry and Accessories offers handmade bridge jewelry, various leather accessories and custom orders. All of Aingeel-Z Jewelry and Accessories are made in house at our Long Beach, California studio. Our jewelry and leather accessories are handmade by Lead Designer, Aingeel Talley and her assistants. Our expert craftsmen techniques allow us to design one-of-a-kind, and limited edition pieces that meet the highest of standards, in form and function.

At our studio we take rare stones, metals and leathers and hand craft them into timeless, durable stament pieces of jewelry & accessories. As a result, we only create pieces in small batches and provide repair services on Aingeel-Z creations because quality matters to us and our clients.

Location: Online | 340 E 3rd St. Long Beach, CA 90802

Business hours: Our design studio hours are by appointment only.

Phone number: (917) 608-3110


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Products/Services for: Aingeel’s products and services are for Men and Women in their early thirties to late forties that live in the U.S, and who appreciate handmade unique quality goods. Our ideal client has a very eclectic apparel style, enjoys seeking new adventures and loves to enjoy the finer things in life. That fact that our clients can support black owned/women owned brands is a plus!


Born in Arizona and raised in Southern California, Aingeel Z. Talley developed her keen sense of creativity at a young age. She spent a decade in New York, so has had the best of both coasts. Her childhood exposure to the arts and her Grandmother’s eclectic eye left a lasting imprint, which she never outgrew and inspired her to pursue a design career.

Aingeel received her formal education at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, earning an AAS degree in Jewelry Design/ Fabrication as well as earning a BFA, in Accessories Design. That allowed her to learn and strengthen her skills so she could later embark on her journey of starting her own jewelry and accessory business.

As of today, Aingeel designs and creates her jewelry from a rustic, historical art studio space in Downtown Long Beach, California with the help of her two assistants Rya and Scarlet. Every inch of her studio extrudes her love of nature from the exposed brick, to the natural crystals resting on her displays.

Aingeel’s jewelry is inspired by her appreciation and relationship with the essence of materials, both rare and an abundant. Employing a variety of techniques, her designs integrate organic shapes and clean lines. These textures result in jewelry that makes subtle, yet bold statements. Being reared in close proximity the world famous beaches and mountains in California, Aingeel is constantly provided with the opportunity to witness nature at its most profound. Most of her pieces incorporate natural stones including Agate, Amethyst, Turquoise, and Quartz, in addition to lustrous metals such as gold and silver, and the use of various leathers. Aingeel’s innovative creations are timeless and unique. Her attention to detail and dedication to her craftswoman ship are evident in all her designs that she loves to share with her clients.