Owner: Jeannine McQueen


Arthur McQueen

Women’s handbags/accessories

Arthur McQueen Inc. is an American lifestyle brand with a chic and contemporary appeal for women. Arthur McQueen handbags easily complement any look and transition smoothly from day to night.


Location: South Florida | Online

Website: www.arthurmcqueen.com

Socials: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Email: jeannine@arthurmcqueen.com

Phone Number: (954) 663-0092

Products/Services for: Women


Owner: CheyNaRey

Smooches Heffa

Author & Self-publishing consultations

CheyNaRey specializes in erotic fiction novels and she’s currently working on her first manual. She offers consulting to self-published. She also does features in erotic anthologies.


Location: Houston, Texas | Online
Website: Under Construction
Socials: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
Products/Services for: men & women

Owner: Keith Clark


Keith Clark Collection

All natural products for skin

Keith Clark Collection offers all natural “shea-less” body butters, All Purpose Body oils, Aromatherapy Roll Ons, Pain Relief Balms, Dry Mists, Massage Candles and Inhalers.  All products are scented with unique essential oil blends created to rejuvenate, inspire, enhance your quality of health, mentally and physically.

Location: Online

Website: http://k2c.bigcartel.com

Socials: Instagram | Facebook

Products/Services for: men & women

Owner: Lea W.

Harvest Employment

Employment Services


Harvest Employment provides all of the employment services that you need in order to be successful with your job search. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and we promise to be there with you every step of the way while you tackle the task of finding employment.


Location: Online

Website: www.harvestemployment.com

Socials: Facebook

Email: N/A

Phone Number: (916) 668-9020

Products/Services for: men & women

Owner: Twanita Turner

The Allure Brand

Custom designed accessories & apparel


The Allure Brand sells accessories and apparel, that uplift and honor women. We are all about self confidence and power. Our products are designed to make women not only look good, but feel good too!


Location: Online

Website: www.theallurebrand.com

Socials: Instagram | Official Instagram Page | Facebook

Email: N/A

Phone Number: (312) 358-2390

Products/Services for: women


Owner: Janelle Washington

Washington Cuts

Original paper cut art and silhouette design


WashingtonCuts is a paper cut and silhouette design company that creates unique and inspirational paper art. From original paper cuts to prints, t-shirts and custom silhouettes each piece of art will wow you and be a great addition to your home.


Location: Alexandria, Virginia | Online

Website: www.washingtoncuts.com | Etsy Shop

Socials: Instagram | Facebook

Email: N/A

Products/Services for: men & women


Owner: Tiffany Broadway

BOLD Swimwear

Swimwear | Curated sizes for black women


Bold™  Swimwear was designed to cater to women of color all over the globe. Designed to highlight BOLD features unique to our heritage, and culture. The BOLD™ Swimwear line compliments these essential ascetics of our design representing the majority of women. BOLD™ Swimwear is not the typical size of beauty, nor the plus size belle. It’s rather the balance in the middle.


Location: Dallas, Texas | Online

Website: www.boldswim.com

Socials: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Email: info@boldswim.com | orders@boldswim.com

Products/Services for: Women


Owner: Cheya Thousand


Home Decor, Women’s Apparel & Fashion Accessories, Baby Onesies & Puppy Beds


BKdreammz was inspired by my hometown, Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to create products that reminded me of being:

Bold, Beautiful, Brainy (just like my city)

Location: Florida | Online

Website: www.bkdreammz.com

Socials: Instagram | Facebook

Email: bkdreammz@gmail.com

Products/Services for: Women, Babies, Home Decor & Items

Owners: Ka’ala and Andile


Tropical-boheme meets earthy-chic jewelry, music, and travel blog.


We offer custom-made jewelry, specialty collections, and genuine one-of a kind jewelry made from hand-chosen materials at an affordable rate.


Website: www.truevi.org

Socials: TwitterInstagram | Facebook

Email: truevi.org@gmail.com

Products/Services for: Women, Men, Children, & Custom Designs

Owner: Eunice Charles


Personal care products.

Handmade and eco-friendly personal care products.


Website: www.natralee.com

Socials: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Email: hello@natralee.com

Products/Services for: Everyone