Anyone can dream, but how many people do you actually know who are living theirs? One of the most fulfilling accomplishments in life is being able to find your passion and actually live out your purpose. Artist and creator, Yvette Sutton, is the perfect example of tapping into your talents. Starting off creating art as a hobby two years ago, Yvette decided that she wanted to turn her passion her paycheck. Not long after, Sutton’s Creations was birthed as Yvette introduced her talent to her closest loved ones.


Now today, what was once simply a gift from God that she used to create art for friends and family years ago, is in the process of becoming Yvette’s full-time job and main source of income.

But Sutton’s Creations wouldn’t be possible without the inspiration she gained from her seven children: Marsei’, Quintin, Ronnie, Tremaine, Stefon, Charisse, and Kendall. “They purchased a glass art table for Christmas 4 years ago,” Yvette says. “This created an energy to create some more elaborate works and not just doodling.”


Yvette, founder of ‘Wisdom of 7’


If you’re interested in purchasing art or getting a custom design made by Yvette Sutton, you can contact her directly on Facebook, or via email –

Also, be sure to check out her website and Instagram to view more of her incredible art.